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Name Frederik
Surname Schrader
Marital status Married
Birthday 15. August 1985
Native language German
Other languages English



17B Farnham Street
Auckland 1052
New Zealand


Fred is agile, flexible, and easy to work with as part of a busy, fast-paced, and highly competitive content marketing team.

Mike McMinn, CTO of MyHub Intranet Solutions Ltd.

Frederik hat schnell, zuverlässig und professionell unser Corporate Design definiert, sowie unsere Web- und Social-Media-Strategie entwickelt und inkrementell umgesetzt. Damit ist eine attraktive und professionelle Plattform für die Interaktion mit unseren Partnern, Interessenten und Kunden entstanden.

Michael Watzl, CEO at CyberSecurity manufaktur GmbH

Frederik is breaking new ground in online marketing and has a strong sense of language. Do you want to seriously promote your project? I recommend asking him for advice.

Joachim Schmidt, CEO of Riads Marrakesch

Selected work

  • FS Music 2

Soft Skills

    • 90%
I am dedicated, creative, reliable, communicative, and have outstanding leadership and management skills.


    • 80%
It's my daily business to operate with different kinds of software, such as Google Apps (Analytics), Social Media Apps, the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, Illustrator), WordPress, BuzzStream, ahrefs, Cubase, Visual Studio, and MS Office.


    • 70%
My mother tongue is German, but I am also able to speak English fluently. Plus, I have basic skills in French, Python, Latin, HTML, Spanish, and CSS. On top of that, I am learning to speak Japanese. がんばります!

Search Engine Marketer
MyHub Intranet Solutions

11 / 2023  — Now

After 7 years of working for MyHub as a freelancer, I finally became a full-time team member and reached the shores of New Zealand with a permanent resident visa. 

CEO & Co-Founder
Daikon Media GbR

10 / 2016 — 12 / 2023

In 2016, my wife Susann and I founded a digital content company named Daikon Media. We've set up a new startup from scratch, built a new, unique brand and represented a company, that operated in the black - from day 1 to day Z.


CEO & Founder
Vanterra Arts

05 / 2018 — 12 / 2023

To publish and promote my own music, I've founded this record label in May 2018. Under the alias Fred Vanterra, I have released two records,  "Mythanien" and "Waikiki Synth".

Web Developer / SEO Manager
hsp Handels-Software-Partner GmbH

09 / 2020 — 10 / 2023 (part-time)

Initially a customer of Daikon Media, hsp quickly became my employer offering a highly dynamic and innovative work environment.

SEO / Marketing Manager
1337 UGC GmbH

03 / 2018 — 04 / 2020

After the ownership of and has changed, I was working on these projects under new management. My main responsibilities remained to be Offpage-SEO / Linkbuilding, Online Marketing, and Editorial Duties. I've also mastered my Photoshop skills by creating logos for all word generators of the company.

Search Engine Marketer
webgilde GmbH

12 / 2016 — 02 / 2018

In addition to my own business, I've started working for the Webgilde in December 2016, conducted several online and offline marketing activities, and learned a lot about word games and how to put them on the market.

Search Engine Marketer
MyHub Intranet Solutions

01 / 2016 — 10 / 2016

During my time in New Zealand, I worked for MyHub, a company with an innovative intranet software solution, executed "White Hat" SEO techniques and outreach activities.

CEO Assistant
Rumble Media GmbH

11 / 2015 — 11 / 2016

After going abroad, I've remained in the company to devolve responsibilities like Key Account Management and Business Development Management to the new CEO.

Rumble Media GmbH

03 / 2013 — 10 / 2015

Following my occupation as an Editor-In-Chief, my predecessor promoted me to become CEO of Rumble Media. Therefore, I was in charge of setting strategy and direction, building and leading the team, and overseeing the company performance.

Rumble Media GmbH

03 / 2011 — 03 / 2013

Since I've commended myself during my internship, the former CEO of Rumble Media offered me to set up an editorial department. Therefore, my responsibilities were building and leading an editorial team, writing editorial articles, implementing SEO guidelines, setting up websites, and creating corporate designs.


12 / 2010 — 02 / 2011

To gain experience in another media company, I decided to do an internship at the biggest German Television Studio, where I've created trailers for TV shows.

Rumble Media GmbH

10 / 2010 — 12 / 2010

After my studies, it was my main goal to get work experience in the online business - and that's why I became an intern at Rumble Media. In this company, I've gained much experience with content management, social media management, and editorial work in general.



10 / 2005 — 09 / 2010

I've studied German Philology, Economic and Social Psychology, and Philosophy at the University of Göttingen, Germany, and mastered my studies with a final Grade of 1,68 (B+) and received a 1,0 (A) for my Master thesis.


08 / 1998 — 05 / 2004

I've visited the Academic high school in Elmshorn, Germany, and gained a higher education entrance qualification: 1,9 (B+).


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